About the Jobbing Leftie Historian

You will probably be puzzled by all the things being discussed here but hopefully you will be interested too. The things that I have written about range from history to the present. I have written on death and life.  There has been stuff on socialism, supermarkets and sewage – though not yet in the same article. And  I have discussed issues  in different countries and regions across the globe.

I probably try to do too much but my interests are wide. My approach is to try to say something different  – to discuss a big topic from a different angle or trying to add a different angle to otherwise well-known topics. I am still quite proud of the way that my history of Soviet Russia [Russia Class and Power (2002)] reports Picasso’s discussion of how you might sculpt a nude statue of Stalin and what to do with his penis. Yes it is funny (well I think it is) but it is also a telling problem. How might  a sculptor create a nude statue of a dictator who has your life in his hands and how would you resolve this little technical difficulty?

When I was younger I was very interested in theory. I still am. But I also want facts and I am often frustrated at the often casual way in which big issues are discussed without tracking down good evidence and looking for ‘the  source of the source’.  To this extent I am a nerd but a nerd with a  range of interests that might interest you too.

By the way   – are wondering what the picture is?  It is a drawing of  tanks used in early twentieth century Russia to pump out sewage from cesspools in Russian towns. Now a journey can start – how, when, where did people go? How did they get rid of it?  Maybe their failures here led to disease and other problems. Maybe it fed into the revolution? But  what happens to sewage in a revolution and what follows …. ? So many questions …. and how do we find the answers?