Below is a list of my publications – many with links. They are divided into sections by subject matter.

1.Global Capitalism: Past and Present

1.1. The Development of Capitalism

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1.2. Capitalism in Twenty First Century

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1.3. European Union

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1.4. Themes in Modern Capitalist History

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1.4.X Capitalism and Health

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2. Eastern Europe

3.1. Eastern Europe General

3.1.1. Long Run

Haynes, M. (1996) The experience of Central and Eastern Europe in the light of long-run economic and social change in Europe since 1800, In: M. Dangerfield, G, Hambrook & L. Kostova (Eds) Europe: from east to west (Veliko Tirnovo: PIC Publications) pp.61-72.
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Economic Transition

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3.2. GDR

Haynes, M. (2007) ‘Stronger than the wall: Gareth Dale’s trilogy on East Germany’ International Socialism, no. 114, pp.

3.3. Hungary

with Husan, R. (2006) Health and safety at work in Russia and Hungary: illusion and reality in the transition crisis, In: V. Mogensen (Ed) Worker safety under siege: labor, capital and the politics of workplace safety in a deregulated world (New York: M. E. Sharpe) pp. 204-221.
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3.4. The Balkans

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4. Russia:  Past and Present

4.1. Russia General

 (2002) Russia.  Class and power in the twentieth century (London: Bookmarks).  Chapter one translated as Abschließend sei auf eine kurze und preiswerte  in Mike Haynes & Jan Maas ,  Russland – von der  Oktoberrevolution bis zum Fall des Stalinismus (Edition Aurora 2003)
with  Husan, R. (2003) A century of state murder?  Death and public policy in Russia (London: Pluto Press).

4.2. Tsarist Russia

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4.3. Russian Revolution 1917-1928

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4.4. Stalinist and Post Stalinist USSR

4.4.1. Theory

(2002) The political economy of the Russian question after the fall Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory 10(4) pp.317-362.
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4.4.2. History

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4.5 Russia Since 1989

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5. British History

(2006) History as a commodity: Simon Schama and the history of Britain Socialist History, no.29,

5.1. British Labour History

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5.2 British Business History

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